Organizations And Individuals In Nine (9) Communities Can Sign Up For Tips, Insights And Participation
The Southside Broadband Expansion Collaborative NFP is formally launching its membership drive with a bold statement: members will be in the vanguard of understanding and tapping the benefits of broadband in Chicago and around the country.
As the first community-wide organization in the country focused on connecting stakeholders and residents with the benefits and opportunities  of broadband expansion, the Southside Broadband Expansion Collaborative is leading the way in Woodlawn with its Woodlawn Broadband Expansion Partnership as the model for the other Southside communities and communities across America.
Organizing Meetings October 24 and November 9 Around The Broadband Opportunity On Chicago's Mid-South Side

Images From October 24 and November 9 SSBEC Meetings

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Listen To The PCI Webinar On The Broadband Expansion Network Plan
Bruce Montogmery's Technology Access Television Show On Southside Broadband
Article In The Hyde Park Herald
Southside Broadband Expansion - Changing The Economic Game In Nine (9) South Side Communities
This article in the Hyde Park Herald describes November 9 meeting of the Southside Broadband Expansion Collaborative on the broadband expansion fiber-optic network

What is a fiber-optic network?

What is gigabit-speed connectivity?

How does the gigabit-speed network improve my internet connectivity?

What is bandwidth and why should I care about it?

Who is organizing the Network?

Are there job opportunities for community people?

Can my business get involved?

What role is the Southside Broadband Expansion Collaborative (SSBEC) playing in this initiative?

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